Ever had a gift card?

Love them or hate them, gift cards are here to stay. Every company you can think of now sell gift cards as a way to ensure easy money. You buy a gift card for £10 for example, the company has that money in the bank. Even better, if the gift card goes unused for usually 10-12 months, the shop has terms to say that the gift card is void. Most of the time, no refunds are given on any gift card purchases either.

What is Zeek?

And here comes Zeek. This isn’t any new service, its been around for a while, BUT, its a service I have only just heard of. So that gift card that your great Aunt Bessie got you for H&M this Christmas, you HATE IT! You are not the type of person that shops in H&M (I do actually love H&M, so this is certainly not me). But you decide that anything less than Gucci is just not you. Or you would have preferred an Amazon gift card, or even TOPSHOP, and maybe even Uber. Here comes Zeek. Zeek is a platform to either buy or sell unwanted gift cards. Best bit, drum roll please, THEY ARE DISCOUNTED… (By up to 87% at my time of my shopping, although the major shops are much lower percentages).

How does Zeek work?

When you arrive at Zeek, you will be presented with two options, as exhibit A shows below.

Simply select if you want to buy or sell a gift card, its really that simple. You will then be redirected to the relevant page.


If you land on the buying page, you will see a nice long list of cards available, located below this search box:

The search box is a really quick way to get a full list of all available gift cards for the shop or store you are looking for. For this example I chose Uber. You will see the varying value of each gift card, and will be able to select which one you want, at the stated discounted price.

Now 2% may not be a lot, but if you use Uber on a regular basis, this is a great way to save some serious money, albeit over time. Do check out the Important Information box on the bottom left to ensure you are happy. Its standard jargon mostly though. I chose the £100 option with a 2% discount, and progressed to the payment page:

Payment options are great too, Visa or Mastercard or even PayPal. And thats basically it. You are now the owner of a crisp and ready to use Uber gift card!


And if you are selling, the process is just as easy really. You will be given a market value for your gift card, which is sometimes to say, a little shy of a reasonable offer in my opinion. I used a £100 Amazon gift card for this example:

So you can exchange, which would be the best value for money offering £90.20 in account credit. If you would prefer to take the cash though, then you get a much less value of £80.70, but lets face it Aunt Bessie will never know!

So that’s Zeek anyway, let me know if you use the service, what you think of it. I think its pretty good if buying and looking for a discount. If selling, it maybe worth exchanging to not lose as much value, or just sell it to a friend.

Happy buying and selling!

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