Samsung Galaxy X release date, potential price, and what we think we can expect to date.

Whilst I would love to sit here and type a blog about a phone, with it held firmly in my hand, sadly this is not the case. I have been watching the leaks and news surrounding the many names of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X foldable handset for a couple of years though now. Every upgrade I shall look if the phone is available, and if I can part with some hard earned cash. Its all just to say that I own own one of these beauties. To date this has not been the case. I continue to use my trusted Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Month after month, just waiting, anticipating when that day will come, that I can own a foldable screen mobile phone.

Lets take a look at what to expect

There is some good news though. More information than ever has been leaked about the new handset form Samsung. And, I’m going to share what I know so far with you lucky people.

Samsung Galaxy X

And there it is in all its glory, fully unfolded. It does look just like any other tablet to be fair, and this is exactly what Samsung are hoping for. A tablet and a phone in one? That means Samsung users just use a Samsung Galaxy X, rather than a Samsung for phones and maybe an Apple iPad as a tablet. This is exactly what I have done for years. This game changer would cost me more initially, but provide the two devices in one handy method.

Samsung Galaxy X

Folded over or ‘Closed’ the phone acts just like any other phone. But, as you can see the edge to edge design that we have seen on previous edge handsets is non existent. There is only so much that technology can do at the moment.

Some Tech Stats & Info

So the phone itself doesn’t have a name to date. It has been known as the Samsung Galaxy X, Samsung Galaxy F, and even Samsung Infinity Flex, which I assume was named after the display, which does have a name ‘Infinity Flex Display’.

The handset has been rumoured to cost in excess of £1,500, which is a lot of money for a handset, even a flagship handset like this. Around one million handsets will be made. That makes this one expensive, but also rare handset in today’s market. I still want it though!

The dimensions have not been released as of yet, but according to the eagle eyed that have seen the handset, it will be the equivalent of a 7.3 inch tablet when unfolded, or 18.5 cm if you prefer.

We don’t know if it will have 5G capability, but with the 5G network getting ever closer, it will inevitably be appearing in handsets real soon.

Launch Date?

Samsung again are being very secretive on this, however some believe it will be in the first half of 2019, with some believing that dates will be given during MWC 2019 in Barcelona in February. Time will tell on this though.

To little too late for Samsung?

Samsung have been playing with this phone, and my emotions, for a good couple of years now. No doubt that they will want the technology to be as near perfect as possible before release. As a result though, others have beaten them with foldable ranges already being released by the likes of Royole, who surprised the world with the first ever foldable mobile phone. The Royole FlexPai.

There are also much cheaper options already available on the internet from eBay for example, with a foldable mobile phone, albeit it has a line straight down the middle. Is this ZTE Axon M a true foldable mobile phone? Looking at the picture below, I am on the fence. ZTE Axon M Foldable is available on eBay.

There are also a few other handsets due for release this year, so Samsung will have a lot of competition. Gadget magazine T3 have reported potential handsets on the horizon from Motorola, Apple and LG. I have to be honest some of these phones do look amazing, like the Motorola RAZR V4. Check out the concept video on YouTube

If the Motorola RAZR V4 does become reality, then my long love affair with Samsung, may soon come to a dramatic end! I really really like this phone. Let me know what your favourite phone is, and if you think the foldable handsets are just another gimmick to keep consumer interest in new tech, or the future for mobile phones.

Happy mobile hunting!

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