Only 8 Days to go until the flight

A week today I shall be heading down to the airport, for an overnight stay in a Premier Inn. Its Saturday so no work to distract my mind today, and feeling pretty relaxed. I know this is the final countdown now, and this is usually when I would start to feel the nerves creeping in, so the next few days may start to show changes in my write ups.

Today I’m going to discuss the Honeymoon in Santorini. This place is just stunning, and although a little expensive, I would recommend a holiday here to anyone.

The Wedding

The wedding day was just perfect. I don’t want to go on about this, but it was great to have so much support from all of our friends and family. The day went by so fast, that it was soon all over. The weather was perfect, and ceremony was perfect and the husband to be was OK I suppose,

The Night Before

Yes the flight to Santorini. This was probably the easiest lead up to a flight I had ever experienced. I was not nervous at all, until the night before. We did get married on Saturday the 4th July though, so Sunday was a recovery day, and then Monday went pretty fast too. We had a really early flight from East Midlands Airport with Thomas Cook. I believe the flight was around 8am, so we had to be up very early to get to the airport in time. Santorini was a 4 hour flight.

The night before the flight I didn’t even need to take my medication, however when my alarm went off at about 4am, I was a wreck. It was really nice actually have this mass anxiety hit me on the day of the flight, and not a week or so before. Final checks were made, and suitcases put into my car. Mr brother was going to drop us off again, but use my car to save him some petrol. Just one last toilet trip for me I’m afraid.

The Airport

East Midlands Airport must be one of the smallest airports I had ever been in up to that point. It was so small, although fairly modern feel to it. I was just happy the place had toilets. I had checked us in online the night before, so when we arrived and I walked straight passed the queues and into the bag drop section, unstopped with no wait, I felt like royalty. The other queue was massive.

Security then took away my happy feeling with about a 45 minute queue. It was so slow, I wish I had stayed in bed a bit longer. My tummy was all over the place, and it was time to go to the toilet again, but we were in a queue, so I had to hold it. I would have happily gone in a bucket in front of everyone.

I quick tour of the 5 shops, and we were in the bar getting ready to board. There was a toilet close, so I was happy.

The Flight

As we got closer I had the doom and gloom of boarding a plane in my head. I had taken my Diazepam and it just didn’t seem to hit the spot fully. Out to the smokers area we went for some deep breaths and fresh air. Clammy hands at this point, and I had a heart racing like a formula 1 car. I needed the toilet.

10 minutes or so later, final boarding was called, so up to the gate we went. Confronted with steps to get onto the plane, I wasn’t sure if I could make it. I reluctantly got on to the plane. It seemed like I had just sat down when the cross checks were done and we were hurtling down the runway. I was suddenly hit with calm. It was as if I was at the top end of my Anxiety spectrum and ready for a panic attack (And trust me these are not nice), and the tablets kicked in and just eased me into a sense of wellbeing.

The plane hit a few pieces of turbulence, but t wasn’t anything bad really. I got through it. Stewart enjoyed some Prosecco on the flight and before I knew it we were served our breakfast, and enjoying the flight. Yes I said enjoying. To be fair the hard part was out the way. I was either going to Santorini now, or making an emergency landing somewhere, or ditching in the sea. I didn’t care, I was married and had done everything I felt I needed to in life at this point.

The Honeymoon

So, I thought East Midlands airport was small. Have you ever been to Santorini? I imagine it has never had an update since being built. Very small with a terminal the size of a normal gate in the UK. We were security checked on entrance, which involved a very in depth flash of a passport, by a police officer just nodding people through. It almost felt like they were welcoming the money, but would check you on the way out, in case you had any left. We were transferred to our hotel via a 15 minute mini bus ride, and arrived to this:

Just look at the view from our balcony, I could not have wished for a better location to stay. I must admit also, apart from one middle of the night Thunderstorm, the weather was perfect.

Time and time again when I look back at pictures, before a flight, I remember how much fun I have on trips abroad. Whether business or pleasure, there is always something to take away from it. Culture is the big one for me, but some countries it is harder than others to appreciate. Santorini had no signs of difficulty though in this department, it was just perfect.

This picture was taken from the main walk into the tourist trap bar area. We had a favourite bar that we frequented with a couple that we had met. The cocktails, although very expensive, were excellent.

Return Flight

The return flight was at around 4pm, so we had a lunchtime transfer, and the Thomas Cook transfer was right on time. I had been toilet a few times again as usual, but was looking forward to showing my tan off back home. I had never relaxed so much that I did on this honeymoon. Not a worry in the world. I think this helped with the return flight, in the small pockets of anxiety appeared, but I knew I had to get on the plane to get home.

No sooner had we arrived at the airport and watched our luggage go through an X-Ray machine, with the police officer sat reading a newspaper, we headed to the bar. There is a terrace upstairs in the small airport, and we sat there until we needed to leave. The toilets were disgusting. I felt sick just going, but full on anxiety was in force at this point. It was a little windy this particular day, so I was worried about taking off.

The time came and we climbed aboard the coach t take us to the plane steps. Yes last ones on! Three cheers for us! No sooner had we joined the other passengers, we were taxiing to the runway. The plane sped down the runway, and that familiar hitting the air feeling of no more bumps arrived. The plane wobbled a little, but it was nothing. The engines just cut through any wind I felt outside and soon we were on our way back to the UK.

The Theme

So for the sake of about 8 hours of nerves on the plane and a day or so either side of the trip, I had relaxed the most I ever had. Another great reason to have gone ahead with this flight. Plus it was my honeymoon. Do you see the theme yet?

Every time I know I am going to fly, that doom and gloom heads over, yet every time I get on a plane, new experiences are had.

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