7 Days to flight

Yes thats right. 7 days today, I shall be soaring in to the air. Sounds scary doesn’t it. I want to tell you about a trip today to Las Vegas. I completed this trip in January 2016, for a conference. This was one of those trips that I was looking forward to. But hating because of the flight.

Why the excitement?

So from a young age I have always been fascinated with aviation. Believe it or not, there was a point when I decided I wanted to be a pilot. I have no idea where this idea came from, but it was always the police force, or flying. Hard to think the level of fear I have now about planes. My pride and joy at a young age was my airfix collection. I used to collect and make planes every chance I could. My favourite build kit ever was a Boeing 747. The flight to Las Vegas with Virgin Atlantic, you guess it, a Boeing 747. I was going on an actual Jumbo jet, and whats more, had managed to secure seats on the Upper Deck. This was like a small lottery win for me!

Heres me on the way across London on the tube. I think it was the only time I had a carriage to myself. It was weird.

The Flight

I checked into a hotel at Gatwick with a colleague and we went for dinner in the restaurant. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I don’t tend to eat prior to a flight, but I was hungry and was happy to tuck into a burger and chips. I even had a pint to wash it down with. I was struggling to get to sleep so took some medication that night, but did manage to sleep which was great.

In the morning, the nerves started again, and it was the usual toilet trips for me. Flying from Gatwick Airport this time was a whole new experience for me. We had managed to get access to one of the lounges so were able to relax away from the general public for a bit. My colleagues helped themselves to free drinks and food, whilst I attacked a large glass of orange juice, and made the most of the facilities.

When it was time to board though, I actually couldn’t wait to get on to the plane. I was actually excited about the flight, despite my earlier nerves. I had not only a window seat, but also an emergency exit seat, so could spread my legs out. As always taxiing was rather fast and then as if by magic we were in the air. It was a really smooth flight until we hit the mid-west of the US and hit some turbulence for about 10 minutes solid. Not the most fun experience, but at the same time I was sat comfortably and engrossed in the inflight movie.

Las Vegas Itself

I have to be honest, I am not a massive fan. This place is not for kids, its more of an adults playground if you like. Stag parties, hen does and plenty of drink and gambling. You just can’t get away from it at all. I would never wish to put someone off Las Vegas, but for me it is the type of place that you go for a couple of days partying. Think Blackpool in the UK, but more safe!

Zoltar. If you are old enough you will recognise this from Tom Hanks film, Big!

Zoltar. If you are old enough you will recognise this from Tom Hanks film, Big!

At the famous Fremont Street.

Skiing at Lee Canyon Ski Resort, an hours drive from Las Vegas.

Snow in the Desert?

One Million Dollars in Binion’s. Wish that was all mine.

The Return Flight

By this time I was ready to leave Las Vegas behind and head back home into the sunset, as wasn’t feeling well at all. The cold had last for about 3 days now, and just wasn’t getting rid of it. I practically ran on to the plane, hoping the flight would be over really fast. The flight was largely uneventful, apart from the constant streaming eyes, sneezing and blowing of my nose. I didn’t manage any sleep at all on the flight, which is nothing unusual for me to be fair.

As we approached Gatwick and started to descend, I had the worse earache I have ever experienced in my life. I could have cried, no exaggeration. I usually suck and chew on sweets to stop this happening, but I guess with a cold this had no effect. My ear only finally popped when we were on our way back into London on the Gatwick Express.

To recall it wasn’t my best of trips, but if it wasn’t for the cold and earache, the flights would have been uneventful.

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